Sell Your Music on Youtube now via Distronaut

YouTube is a leading platform, a dominant player in Music Video. Therefore, with that responsibility, Youtube has been working hard to be dominant in music streaming platforms by developing YouTube Music.

As might be expected, YouTube and YouTube Music are interrelated with each other at the content level.

Singles and albums that are distributed to YouTube Music will be available on YouTube Music as “Art Tracks.” In other words, Art Tracks are YouTube videos that stream your music to pair with your cover art.

With over 180 million active U.S. users per month and weekly playlists, these videos make it easy for you to share with fans. In this way, it helps to show yourself and earn money.

We believe is the right time to post your music on YouTube and start earning.

You just need to create a Distronaut account first. Then, log in to your account, create your release, upload your music, and select YouTube/YouTube Music as one of the DSPs to distribute your music to.

Then, we pay out royalties each month as we reported and get the money on your behalf.