Sell Your Music on Tiktok now via Distronaut

TikTok is taking the music world by storm.

TikTok continued its tremendous growth to be a dominant force in music and the music industry in 2021. Approximately 430 songs surpassed 1 billion video views as TikTok sounds in 2021–an x3 increase over 2020. TikTok remained one of the top sources of music discovery for fans. The platform paved the way for the next generation of music stars, helping usher artists as diverse as Olivia Rodrigo, PinkPantheress, and Måneskin to stardom.

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The most popular video-sharing app is allowing users to post short challenge-style videos set to music. So it makes the platform one of the funniest social media apps for young music fans.

It is full of a viral combination of meme-able dances and hit tracks with the most creative videos.

TikTok is the new poster child for the music industry and is most known for helping Lil Nas X’s mega-smash hit “Old Town Road” take over the world.

The platform’s viral potential means that a hit video can rack up lots of views very quickly.
That means there’s a big opportunity to grow your audience and make money with music on TikTok.

But nobody other than industry veterans seems to know that distributing your music on TikTok can get you paid for plays just like on Spotify, Instagram, and Apple Music.

With Distronaut, you can easily upload your music to TikTok and start earning from your songs. You can easily manage the rights to your music and ensure that you get credit for streams.

We then pay out royalties each month as we are reported and get paid on your behalf.

There’s a lot of distribution services out there, but they’re not all the same. TikTok is a new platform, and not every distributor supports it.

To start earning money, just create a Distronaut account, log in to your account, create your release, upload your music, and select TikTok as one of the DSPs to distribute your music to.