Sell Your Music on Spotify now via Distronaut

Spotify and Apple Music are the heavy-weight champions of digital music services (DSP). A considerable portion of digital royalties for an artist typically comes from Spotify.

It may appear overwhelming to get your music onto or sell through streaming platforms unless you signed to a major record label.

However, this is not the case.

Major record labels can provide lots of services including distribution and helping you with your career. All you need is a distribution partner for you to get your music on these services.

With Distronaut, your music will be on streaming platforms and other major services within 24-48 hours.

Just create a Distronaut account, log in to your account, create your release, upload your music, and select Spotify as one of the DSPs to distribute your music to.

Super simple, isn’t it.

We then pay out royalties each month as we mentioned and get paid on your behalf.

Getting your music might be relatively quickly and effortlessly. However, selling your songs on Spotify might not be as easy as it sounds. 🙂

Marketing which is key to getting your music to earn money is another profession. But you may take advantage of platforms like Instagram, TikTok to help you spread the word and even make money from users’ videos, photos, etc.