Sell Your Music on AppleMusic now via Distronaut

Get your music on Apple Music and everywhere else that matters.

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming and downloading the product. It’s one of the global leaders in radio, streaming, and music-for-purchase services. Their community of over 50 million music fans makes them a destination for finding fans and getting your music heard.

It is also one of the major royalty sources for an artist.

Apple Music download royalties will be approximately USD$0.70 for a USD$0.99 single song download and USD$7.00 for a USD$9.99 album download. Apple Music streaming royalties will be based on pro-rata calculations with minimum per song.

Your Apple Music streaming royalties are based on Apple Music’s monthly subscription and ad revenue and how many times your music was streamed. This includes streaming revenue from places like playlists, discovery features, and search results. Your music can also generate streaming royalties from placements on Apple Music radio and Beats1 Radio services.

With Distronaut, you can easily upload your music to both AppleMusic and iTunes and start earning from your songs. You can easily manage the rights to your music and ensure that you get credit for downloads and streams.

We then pay out royalties each month as we are reported and get paid on your behalf.

There’s a lot of distribution services out there, but not all the same. Apple’s music services are well established and have very advanced features likes Instant Gratification Tracks, Times Releases, Pre-Orders, Music Video uploads, etc., and not every distributor supports them.

To start earning money, create a Distronaut account, log in, create your release, upload your music, and select AppleMusic and/or iTunes as one of the DSPs to distribute your music to.