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As we claim, we have the most flexible distribution model in the world.

We support both the Distrokid model and Tunecore models.

You will pick whichever model you like and we will charge you the same as our competitors; $9.99/$29.99 or $19.99/$35.99.

Even BETTER you will be able to switch whenever you want.

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Distronaut vs Tunecore/Distrokid

As you may know Tunecore charges per product (i.e.single/album) irregardless of the number of artists on your release.

This might be a good model for artists/groups that have multiple artists or stakeholders (lyricists, composers, writers, producers, etc) on their releases and/or that will only release one or two products. Since you will pay based on the number of releases and if you are not releasing much, you will not pay much.

However, you are on a roll, and you are coming up with new songs frequently, you are out of luck and you will pay more than planned.

Here is a link for Tunecore’s perspective.

On the contrary, Distrokid charges based on the number of artists on products in your catalogue.

This might be a better model for groups or artists that are singers/songwriters who do not have many stakeholders in the release or artists planning to have more than a few releases per year. Since you are yourself and will plan to release 4 releases that particular year, this might be your deal.

However, if conditions change, a new release comes along that will require you to have more artists than yourself, you will be forced to pay more since you will end up having more artists.

A small detail which might be also very important for most of the musicians, w/ Musician plan (1 Artist), you can’t set your release date, so in essence, the most basic Distrokid plan to work with is in fact Artist Plus plan (2 Artists) and it costs $35.99/year.

Both models will lock you into one particular scenario that does not allow you to change it when necessities arise or conditions change, or you change your mind (as we artists always do).

Here is a link for Distrokid’s perspective.

We will charge you the same ($9.99/$29.99 or $19.99/$35.99) and you will pick whichever model you like, and you will be able to switch whenever you want.