Distronaut Pays You Every Month Regularly

Here is how our process works;

  • We work with every DSP we work with to collect royalty reports (typically following a month after). For example, January 2022 reports will mostly be available at the beginning or middle of February 2022). As you would appreciate collecting reports from hundreds of DSPs is a challenging task!#@
  • We normalize the data to our royalty report standards and begin processing them which by itself is taking few days to complete.
    • DSPs convert local currency earnings to a common denominator based on their country of origin EUR (i.e. Spotify), USD (i.e. Apple) and pay us based on those conversions (we therefore, take the exchange rates used in these calculations and re-calculate those royalties and expose them into our reports so you can see them at the transactional level).
    • We then convert EUR, USD based reports to currency of our partners’ choice if needed. So we produce the royalty reports which includes every stream, view, download that generated royalties for you. We are talking about thousands of lines. @#!
  • We audit and make reports available for our partners on the last Friday of every month regardless of us getting paid by the DSPs or not.
  • The DSPs typically pay the reported earnings 1-3 months after we received the reports.
  • Although you typically get your first earnings 1-1.5 months after your release, the royalty/collection process is generally around a 1-4 months process. It means we receive payments by different DSPs up to 4 months after your release.

We tried to explain the process so you understand that we work for you tirelessly.

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